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BRAND NEW Model Portable Electrotherapy Most Powerful TRUE Rife Frequency Device

BRAND NEW Model Portable Electrotherapy Most Powerful TRUE Rife Frequency Device
BRAND NEW Model Portable Electrotherapy Most Powerful TRUE Rife Frequency Device
BRAND NEW Model Portable Electrotherapy Most Powerful TRUE Rife Frequency Device
BRAND NEW Model Portable Electrotherapy Most Powerful TRUE Rife Frequency Device

BRAND NEW Model Portable Electrotherapy Most Powerful TRUE Rife Frequency Device    BRAND NEW Model Portable Electrotherapy Most Powerful TRUE Rife Frequency Device
This listing is now only for the 2022 (800 Model) of the Ultimate RyfeMax Air Machine, the only fully portable and 100% contactless machine. In case you are wondering why the price has increased on this listing, it is not going into my pockets. Which has eroded my profit margin. So I had no choice. RyfeMax Air has all the features of the RyfeMax Standard along with the following additional enhancements. No straps to connect to, no cylinders to hold on to, no pads to put your feet on, no sticky pads to connect to your body and no plasma tubes that light up your whole room! Everyone within a 10 m range of an operational RyfeMax Air will benefit from the selected Rife frequencies. Dimensions 156 mm x 60 mm x 30 mm (lightweight and similar size to a smartphone, but about 3 times thicker). As all destinations outside of Australia will NOT include the External Battery Pack (it cannot be sent overseas) , a USB AC charger suited for your country's power requirements will be included.

RyfeMax has now been pre-programmed with frequency sets in dealing with the ongoing crisis. This machine is one of the very few Rife machines that has the original Rife frequencies for the BX & BY V... And is programmed with the EXACT waveform that Dr Royal Rife used a sine wave R.

See more below regarding the creation of RyfeMax under the listing of its 7 unique features, under the heading. Why is the RyfeMax the premium Rife machine solution? Also, please check out the Q and A towards the end of this listing and ryfemax on FB. This machine is manufactured in Australia from both local and overseas components.

The Ultimate Portable Rife Frequency Electrotherapy Most Powerful Machine Available! This is our ultimate product which includes the following features. You can run the machine while you are walking, doing the shopping or even at work! The RyfeMax uses a radio frequency carrier frequency (sine wave) as used by the inventor Dr Royal Rife. State of the art microprocessor, active matrix TFT touch screen and frequency synthesis with an accuracy of 1 part per 20 million.

Includes frequencies for over 3,500 ailments pre-programmed. Software and frequency tables can be downloaded and updated at any time, so you can always have the latest Rife technology at your fingertips. Runs all known Rife frequencies over the course of 5 1/2 hours. User defined repeat set of frequencies. Any number of user defined favorites, limited to SD card storage limitations (More than 100,000).

Search for and select any one of the 3,500 Rife frequency sets, then select "Add to favorites". Add your own frequencies, up to a million in capacity. What is a Rife machine? What is the RifeMax machine?

The RyfeMax machine has all 3,500+ ailments pre-programmed with their associated Rife frequencies. Is designed not only for frequency generation but especially for deep tissue penetration.

A full list of ailments are available on request. The RyfeMax machine is used by a number of. In Australia and the U. It is the professional solution for natural. Well being, yet the simple solution for you at home. How Does A Rife machine Work? In 1934 Dr Royal Rife discovered that all organisms (in fact all things) have a resonant frequency and if an organism was subjected to it's unique resonant frequency, it would explode.

Dr Royal Rife started on a path to discover the resonant frequency of the organisms that cause most of our diseases. He then went on to invent a machine that could subject these organisms to their resonant frequencies. This machine is commonly known as a Rife machine.

An example of something being destroyed when subjected to it's resonant frequency was the collapse of the Broughton suspension bridge that collapsed in 1831 caused by marching soldiers whose footsteps matched exactly the resonant frequency of the bridge. Another example is when an opera singer can shatter a glass using her voice. You may like to search for the video on youtube by. Anthony Holland: Associate Professor, Director of Music Technology, Skidmore College, Shattering Cells with Resonant Frequency. Dr Royal Rife (and others) discovered the organisms that are the underlying cause of diseases and the resonant frequency that cause the organisms to be destroyed. Further research has been carried out by a number of other scientists who have discovered the resonant frequency of many more organisms that are the underlying cause of many of our health issues. Resonant frequencies for over 3,500 diseases have been discovered so far. A correctly designed and functioning Rife machine uses frequencies and power levels that are safe to use. We can not of course vouch for machines that are not designed using the principles created by Dr Royal Rife.

Both RyfeMax Standard and Air machines come with all the standard features, such as a sweep function that sweeps all known Rife frequencies and repeat. In addition to these, the following is a list of features that place the RyfeMax above the competition.

The RyfeMax uses state of the art microprocessor, active matrix TFT touch screen and frequency synthesis with an accuracy of 1 part per 20 million. The RyfeMax comes with over 3,500 Rife frequency sets pre-programmed. The RyfeMax software and frequency tables can be downloaded and updated at any time, so you can always have the latest RyfeMax technology at your fingertips.

The price of the RyfeMax has purposely been kept to the lowest possible amount, so Rife technology can be affordable to all. The RyfeMax machine is fully portable. You can use the machine while you are walking around or riding as a passenger in the car, bus or train! The RyfeMax machine NOW has a resume feature.

If the battery runs out or you disconnect the power for any reason, when you restart the machine it gives you the option to resume where you left off. This Rife machine, called the RyfeMax uses a 3.2 inch TFT touch display and a microprocessor. It has all the known Rife frequencies.

No need to mess around. Searching for and programming in the correct frequencies. Just in case there are new beneficial resonant frequencies discovered, the RyfeMax.

Has the ability to be updated via a download from the internet and the ability for you to program in your own resonant frequencies. Decided to research the original circuit diagram of Dr Royal Rife's machine and construct a similar machine. In possession a copy of Dr Rife's original research notes from Dr Crane (a research fellow of Dr Rife), provided by someone who was a close friend of Dr Crane. Both Dr Crane and Dr Rife contributed to this 1,000+ page document. These original documents ensure that the beneficial output wave of the RyfeMax machine is identical to the one from the Rife machine Dr Rife created.

Also, the RyfeMax machine can output the BX & BY V.. Frequencies which were critical in Dr Rife's success for C... This resulted in this Rife machine, called the RyfeMax which uses a 3.2 inch TFT touch display and a microprocessor. It has all the known Rife frequencies programmed into it.

No need to mess around searching for and programming in the correct frequencies. Just in case there are new beneficial resonant frequencies discovered, the RyfeMax has the ability to be updated via a download from the internet and the ability for you to program in your own resonant frequencies. What differences are there in Rife machines?

There are many Rife machines on the market. Some use radio frequency carrier waves of different frequencies and others us no radio. Frequency carrier wave at all. The original Rife machine created by Dr Royal Rife in 1938 used a radio frequency carrier wave.

Wave was modulated with a square wave that was rich in harmonics. A radio frequency carrier wave is important because the resistance of your body is several million ohms for direct current similar to what.

Comes out of your car battery, but only 300 ohms - 1,000 ohms for radio frequencies. When you are working with alternating current. (similar to what comes out of a power outlet in your home) the A.

The lower the resistance or. Impedance, the more current or power goes through your body and the deeper it penetrates.

When there is a radio frequency carrier wave. The frequency waves penetrate deep into your body. When the radio frequency carrier wave is absent, the frequency waves only penetrate. So, any Rife machine that does not use a radio frequency carrier wave, will have limited success. Why not just use a laptop to generate the frequencies?

Are from 0.1 hertz to 1 mega hertz. At 1 mega hertz, even with the most optimized code, at best will give you an accuracy if 1 part in 3,000. Because 1 Giga hertz / 1 mega hertz = 3000. So there are 3,000 samples when generating a 1 mega hertz frequency. For a frequency of 1.

Mega hertz, this relates to an error of plus or minus 333.3 hertz. The Ryfe-Max has an accuracy of 0.05 hertz at 1 mega hertz. If the laptop computer was to also generate the radio frequency carrier wave which is a sine wave, depending on the design, the accuracy.

May be reduced down to 1 part in 3,000. Q & A Regarding RyfeMax Air. Hi, just curious if this has any frequencies pre programmed known to. & is there any way to change pulse duration or frequency manually or are they all preset frequency files? I want to try like 500,000 hertz delivered in 20 millisecond bursts if it will go into the ultrasound frequency ranges & beyond as an example, also does this rife machine work similarly as OPEF tech using oscillating pulsed electronic fields, does it create a standing wave?

Has any testing been done to show the signal from your device is penetrating the body without the use of pads etc & is targeting cells like it should using a RF carrier? Is this manufactured here in Australia? RyfeMax is completely manufactured in Childers, Qld. It is the only Rife. Machine that is manufactured in Australia and free support for its use is provided in a tailored manner, depending on the medical condition of users.

In addition to the preset frequencies for the over 3,500 ailments including all types of cancers, RyfeMax has the capability of users adding another million frequencies manually. Stay tuned for the rest of the answers when they come to hand.

The BX & BY v..... S were discovered by Dr Rife to be the root cause. The RyfeMax machine has these frequencies as well as. If, as an example, you want to use frequencies for prostate c...

You would run the BX & BY v.... All the frequencies and setups. For over 3,500 ailments are pre-programmed in.

Search button, type in the first few. Letters of the ailment you are. Select the ailment you are. Optionally you can save an.

Ailment to the favourites list, which saves you. The trouble of searching for it.

The machine will deliver 500,000 hz, You can. Add as many custom frequency. Sets as you need, however there. Is no facility to have this delivered in 20. As to the design of the RyfeMax Air 100% contactless...

This is a revolutionary design taken from the principles in the original research. Blind studies, peer reviews, patient. From Dr Rife, of which we hold.

But in a different way to how our machine. We do not answer any specific questions about the design. Notice that frequencies below 100 mhz pass. Right through your body, a.

Every cell in your body has the. Same amount of beneficial Rife frequencies. Carrier wave very much at the bottom end.

Of that spectrum and way below. Our customers who have used both the contact. The machine have found that the. RyfeMax Air 100% contactless machine is. More effective than the standard.

Of your body's impedance to the. Signal that the straps emit. Carrier to reduce the impedance from around 5.

Ohms, it is still apparent. Using a machine that connects directly to. Your ankles has a stronger signal. At the knees compared to the head.

Machine delivers the beneficial Rife. Frequencies to every cell in your. Over 90% of our sales are via word of mouth. Delighted with our product, then. We would simply not have a business.

How does this machine work to 10m? How much power does it require to operate? It works like a radio station and transmits the frequencies within a radius of 10 m. Anyone within this range will receive the frequencies to every cell in their body. I have a question in regards to Rife Max Air...

Assessments and select the corresponding frequency or do you have to manually select a set of frequencies to run? I know you are limited in your site info but where can I get this type of detailed info? Thank you and a healthy 2021 to you! Thank you for your question. RyfeMax Air as well as the.

Standard model is designed to be used in connection with an accurate medical diagnosis. Frequencies for each ailment are already preprogrammed into these machines.

This works very well as you don't have to find the corresponding frequency to enter in, just select a particular ailment. I can discuss distributor pricing if you want to sell these machines locally.

Having said that, RyfeMax is just releasing a device that can help you with what you are asking, that provides a 90+ page report within a minute itemising each body system. This is only available to personal requests and further details can be supplied for a request. Know how this machine can help those who suffer from sleep apnoea? Device do the same job as a pap machine? I'd very much like to know how your.

Thanks for your interest in our. RyfeMax Air 100% contactless machine. A correctly designed Rife machine deals with Sleep. Airways at the back of the.

If you are on a C-Pap machine now, then. We would suggest running the.

RyfeMax machine on your bedside table at night. Continue to use your C-Pap machine and monitor. Your results with your health. Care professional so he can adjust your.

Protocol as the need arises. Q & A Regarding RyfeMax Standard. (Discontinued model, but support remains).

I have a Neorythm (device or machine) which appears to do the same thing..... How is this better if it is, please?

I have a rare brain tumor on my Pineal Gland (middle of brain)..... Would it work on that??? The Neorhythm device syncs or mimics your brain waves whereas our machine puts beneficial Rife frequencies through your whole body.

Dr Rife (the inventor of the technology) discovered in 1934 that Cancer was caused by one of 2 viruses, he called them the BX and BY viruses. He treated 16 terminally ill cancer patients, 14 were cancer-free in 30 days, and the other 2 were cancer-free in 90 days.

We are the holder of the original research notes, double-blind studies, pier reviews, patient testimonials and circuit diagrams of the machine Dr Rife invented. Dr Crane was a research fellow of Dr Rife, and modified the output transmission to a direct connection instead of a 450-watt plasma tube.

A correctly designed Rife machine has a modulated radio frequency carrier frequency. The highest brain wave frequency is around 120 Hz.

A Rife machine has frequencies in the range of 10hz - 1 million hz. Our RyfeMax machine is the only machine we know of that utilises the original BX and BY virus frequencies. When the atoms of the Virus are subjected to the correct frequency, (their resonant frequency) the virus cells vibrate violently and as a result, are destroyed.

I moved from Sydney to the Gold Coast a few years ago. In Sydney I was seeing. A practitioner who used a Rife Machine to treat ailments. However, his machine was quite large and it used several output points that were connected to the body via pads.

I experienced amazing results against v,,,,, s, parasites and bacteria. However, on the Gold Coast I cannot find anyone who uses a rife machine. Recently been diagnosed with H. PYLORI and it is mainly for this reason I've been looking into Home Rife Machines. Have you had any testimonials regarding this? Rife Machine, the only connection point with the Body is via the feet/ankles, is that correct? Is this still as efficient as having the frequencies run straight into the parts of your body where the pathogens are usually located? Most of the Rife machines I've been researching allow one to place the pads on certain parts of the body. Thank you for your time in answering these questions. We have had a lot of experience with Helicobacter Pylori. In Ecuador, 1 out of 3 people have it. We have used the RyfeMax machine. Successfully on many, many people for Helicobacter Pylori. Run Helicobacter Pylori once a day on consecutive days for 21 days.

Re: connecting straps to the ankles. Our skin has impedance (resistance to) of several million ohms the unit. Of value to measure impedance to the lower Rife frequencies, which limits the penetration of the Rife frequencies. To counteract this, Dr Rife decided to modulate the Rife frequencies on to a radio frequency carrier wave. Carrier wave lowers your skin resistance to around 300.

Ohms, so the beneficial Rife frequencies penetrate right through your body. The upshot of this is that devices that are not correctly designed need.

To be connected close to the point of the ailment and have limited success due to the reduced penetration of the Rife frequencies. All the Rife frequencies below 100,000 hz do not penetrate through the.

Skin very well, but a correctly designed Rife machine penetrates through your entire body because of the carrier wave reducing the skin resistance. Hi, I saw that you are in Childers. I have been interested in energy medicine/healing for many years. I've had quite alot of treatments on the Psysiospect, a Russian machine. Do you know how effective this Ryfe machine is for treating and ideally, eliminating the herpes v.. (HSV1 & 2) If you have any other info that you think I'd benefit from, please feel free to pass it on. I was also reading a forum and they were talking about hand held plasma ray tubes and other different options.

It is all a bit confusing. There are 8 different Herpes v... So far, there have been people that have successfully treated themselves using RyfeMax. Herpes Simplex 1, Herpes Simplex 2, Epstein Barr, Zoster (Shingles) and Cytomegalov...

Has used it for the other 3 Herpes V.. Sores and the like (HSV 1 and HSV 2) are gone after running the machine once a. Months, running the machine for 1hr and 40 min per day. People have infections of multiple Herpes viruses at the same time. RyfeMax is fully portable and can be used almost 24/7 if needed for chronic conditions.

The ones where you have to hold onto plasma tubes. Stainless steel cylinders become tiresome as each cycle is a minimum of 1 hr and. And sometimes as in the case of cancer require continuous treatment for many. Treatments such as Thyroid conditions require running the machine at night.

The plasma machines that are running in the room make it difficult. Sleep while the machine is running as Dr Rife specified a 450 watt plasma tube. Imagine a 450 watt light running in your bedroom while you sleep?

Research notes compiled by Dr Rife and Dr Crane, they noted this limitation. Modified the design to a direct connection to the feet. Design so it can be connected to the ankles, this facilitates being fully. This listing clearly states it has 3 options (where you need to select from the drop down menu which one you want). Hello, I have not been able to get any health care here in America to remove a large tumor on my thyroid, I also have a fairly large stone that was discovered in my gallbladder a few years back when I visited Canada, which I feel is bothering me again lately.

They gave me medicine called Ursadial at that time. Now I have no health care in the USA, so I need help, and I found your Rife machine.

Do you feel that there may be a frequency for these two problems? Also my teenager has PTSD and extreme anxiety, she says she has no ability to love anyone and cannot feel empathy, she struggles to fit into life and to get through each day.

No amount of therapy and psychiatry has been able to help her (3 years of multiple types of doctors in mental health). Is there perhaps hope through frequencies with the Rife machine?

Thank you for your time and God Bless you for making this available to people. Yes, there is definitely hope in using the correct Rife frequencies. All the frequencies you need have been pre-programmed into the RyfeMax machine. There are frequencies on RyfeMax for Thyroid Cancer, also the original BX & BY frequencies that Dr Rife used to cure 16 terminal ill Cancer patients.

Then there are frequencies for Cholelithiasis: (Gall Stones), as well as Combat Disorders (for PTSD). I'm very happy to help you each step of the way in dealing with your health challenges. I was wondering if you have experience with using the machine to support people with Pyrrol? If you can find the cause. RyfeMax can definitely help you.

I can guide each step of the way. Here is what I discovered. Intolerance disorder that can be caused by any one or more of. Gut imbalance, Food intolerance, Liver & Gall Bladder issues, Thyroid and. Adrenal disorders, Epstein-Barr Virus, Anxiety or Depression, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Whereas there are no Rife frequencies for Pyrrole Disorder as such as the disease is.

Caused by so many different. Possibilities, each of which does have a different Rife. The key here is to find out the root cause of the problem. Wife Leone was suffering from this. She got a blood test which included Free.

The blood test came back and the Dr said. That her Thyroid hormones were normal. They pointed out that most Doctors are using. Information on the Thyroid that is 50 years old and instructed the Dr on how to read. Free T3 to Reverse T3.

The Dr was surprised, but agreed that her Free. T3 to Reverse T3 ratio was off the charts. They ran the frequencies for Epstein-Barr for 2 months, as well as Adrenal Gland. The following 4 months they ran the Rife frequencies for Adrenal. Thereafter the frequencies for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Over the first 6 months, her blood work improved by 50%. She was now in the lowest. Over the period, she took Zinc and T3 to get these levels back to normal. Once they started running the Rife frequencies for the PTSD.

It was like she was a different person. The portability, the Sweep All Favourites and the resume feature on RyfeMaxt makes using. The machine close to 24/7 hardly a bother at all to overcome chronic conditions such as the above. Can you please just explain how it works and how often will i need to use it and does it come with any attachements etc... There is one place i sydney that has it but need to book in and go do it there but i rather have one in the comformt off my own home.

Possible for at least 6 months. Since this is the only portable rife machine every produced, it is possible to use it as close to 24/7 as possible. You just wear it under your clothes and get on with whatever you do in your daily routine.

Hello, does it come with battery? And has anyone had any success with joint pain? Because lack of cartilage is not a v.. And can I just carry it in my pocket and receive the benefit's?? Oh how long to see any results?? Thanks for all your answers. Some people notice immediate benefits, whereas for others it takes longer. Prior to that, there was 22 months of R & D.

Related to Arthritis - yes. There is also a program called Cartilage Diseases: on the machine. You connect the straps to your ankles, then put your long pants/tights on. The cable comes out of your long pants/tights and connects to the machine. You put the machine in a small shoulder bag, then go about most of your daily activities (obviously nothing like swimming, etc that might damage the machine).

Results depend on the condition that you are suffering from. Anything from 3 days to six months or so, depending on the condition. Hi, I have read that a proper Rife machine is not connected to the body in any way, can I use your machine this way and what is the distance before it stops working.

The body has a natural impedance. (resistance to electricity) of several million.

It is this impedance that. Restricts the beneficial frequencies from. Penetrating deep into your body. If the Carrier wave is missing or. Incorrect, then the body's impedance will still.

Be too high for the beneficial. Frequencies to penetrate deeply into your body. The Carrier wave transmitted by. The the RyfeMax machine reduces the body's. Impedance to around 300 ohms.

1,000 ohms (depending on the person). Penetrate through every cell in the body. We hold the original research. Notes, clinical trials, double blind studies, peer. Reviews and circuit diagrams from.

Dr Crane (who was a research fellow of Dr Rife). Both Dr Crane and Dr Rife. Contributed to this 1,000+ page document. Dr Rife used a plasma tube for. The transmission method, where there were in fact.

No direct contact points to the. Dr Crane, modified the transmission method. Because of difficulties of the. Patient to sit in a room for several hours with a.

450 watt plasma tube lighting up. This was even more difficult for the. Person so use the machine at. Night while the patient tried to sleep.

In the modified design, there was. Only 1 contact point used, which was on the feet. This is how the RyfeMax machine. The output of the RyfeMax machine.

Is functionally identical to the one designed by. Dr Rife / Dr Crane. Has been improved by using today's advanced. Electronics so the machine can be.

There is another product available called the Healy Resonance, apparantly scans the body and picks the program to suit it. Does your Rife machine do the same?

While RyfeMax does not have this type of function at present, we are looking into this to include. Here is where the updates become very useful!

At the moment we suggest getting a medical diagnosis or go to. The top of the screen for a symptom checker. Once you go through the symptom checker, add all the suggestions to your favourites and run sweep all favourites.

This ensures that you get the correct frequencies. Thank you for that detailed response that was brilliant and new information to add to my research.

I use Dr Bob Becks blood Zapper and it. Is its own device and was wanting.

A rife machine that also works completely on. I live rural and do. Not have internet do I need it for this machine and will it come with. Instructions or do i have to ring someone?

My point is that I want to be able to use it and learn about it without outside help as I live out in the sticks basically! No you don't need internet in using the machine unless you need to get the latest updates.. The machine is fully portable, so you don't need the internet to use it. Yes, there are instructions, but it's good to talk about your situation as well, especially to get you set up. Can it be plugged to electric plug 110?

The RyfeMax machine can only be used with an external battery due to electrical spikes in mains electricity. You can also connect it to a laptop via USB cable, but you need to remain in front of your laptop while using it. Using the battery makes it fully portable and you can walk around with it.

Regarding this listing, you need to make the correct selection from the drop-down menu: RyfeMax machine without leather bag. I hope this clarifies everything for you, but if there is something else, just let me know. Are these any good for POTs and fatigue at all? Thanks for your question, but to give you a complete answer, I need some more information from you. Regarding fatigue, among the over 3,500 preprogrammed ailments in RyfeMax, you will find the following. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (see Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic). Myalgic (see Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic). Mononucleosis-Like Syndrome, Chronic (see Fatigue Syndrome, Chronic). Purchasing the portable Rife Machine to increase number of sessions per month. Receiving treatment from practitioner for 6 months.

He uses muscle testing followed by GB4000 rife machine treatment. With pads on specific areas. Will this machine give same results with one contact point only? You have an excellent question.

A lot of machines are designed with multiple contact points, such as the feet and wrists. To compensate for the incorrect design around the carrier wave. The body has a natural impedance (resistance to electricity) of several million ohms. It is this impedance that restricts the. Beneficial frequencies from penetrating deep into your body. If the Carrier wave is missing or incorrect, then the body's impedance will still be too high for the beneficial frequencies to. Penetrate deeply into your body, thus requiring the multiple contact points. The Carrier wave transmitted by the RyfeMax machine reduces the body's impedance to around 300 ohms - 1,000 ohms. This ensures that the beneficial frequencies penetrate through every cell in the body. We hold the original research notes, clinical trials, double-blind studies, peer reviews and circuit diagrams from Dr Crane. (who was a research fellow of Dr Rife). Dr Rife used a plasma tube for the transmission method, where there were in fact no direct contact points to the body. Modified the transmission method because of difficulties of the patient to sit in a room for several hours with a 450 watt plasma tube. This was even more difficult for the person to use the machine at night while the patient tried to sleep. In the modified design, there was only 1 contact point used, which was on the feet. The output of the RyfeMax machine is functionally identical to the one designed by Dr Rife / Dr Crane, but the design has been improved. By using advanced electronics to be portable.

I do not see what you hold when using the machine. Does it come with the metal tubes?

I would assume they would be included because you could not use the machine without them, but I do not see them and there is no mention. Since this is a fully portable machine that. You can walk around with, there is nothing to hold. Connects to your skin using leg straps listed and pictured in the kit look. For the blue velcro wrapped up inside the kit.

These leg straps are attached. Just above the ankle bone with the metal part to the skin attached to wires. (worn under any type of leggings) to the machine. Yes, the machine is complete. With all parts included and ready to use.

Machine is unique, no one has ever produced a fully portable rife machine. Anywhere in the world until now and it is solely manufactured here in. Hi I have cerebral palsy and was wondering what effects this machine has had on the spine and cerebral cortex or you know of any other machines that have had a positive outcome on cp.

It's very nice to receive your message. However, as he has the original. Research notes, clinical trials, double-blind.

Studies, pier reviews and patient testimonials. From Dr Crane (A research fellow of Dr Rife). Machine outputs the identical signal to Dr Rife's original invention.

The list of frequencies in our machine is derived by several scientists and doctors. The RyfeMax machine has the frequency sets for over 3,500 ailments pre-programmed in the machine. Of those ailments, there is. The following frequency set for. This needs to be selected to run at least once every day (1 hour 40 mins) but to increase results. It can automatically select to repeat continuously night and day if desired. The longer it runs the quicker results can be expected. Since the machine is portable, it is easy to use virtually 24/7. For a number of medically diagnosed chronic conditions. Are these the same device and does it come with any contact devices for hands or wrist bands? The prices of the machine are the same except on the site in USD.

Leg straps are included with every machine (along with every you need to operate the machine) and yes, it does sweeping. Does this machine have preset. Frequencies for treating Lyme disease.

Yes, it most certainly does. RyfeMax has built into it over 3,500 ailments preprogrammed Rife frequency sets, including for the ongoing crisis of today. As new ailments are discovered, RyfeMax can be easily updated via a PC, as well as adding into it any other frequency of your own choice. Is the rife machine ready to use and I see that the complete kit is very dear. So the item is the actual machine?

You are from the UK. Thank you for the opportunity to answer your question. Yes, RyfeMax is a fully working rife machine, even without the external battery, which as. With regard to the price of. It depends on what you are comparing it to. And the premium machine that functions exactly like the machine. (reread the 1st paragraph on my listing), nothing like the. Most of which have limited effectiveness. Because they are mostly not set up in harmony with. Cannot compare RyfeMax which has been developed over 17 years. Success rate [no failures] for assisting with mostly chronic conditions with. That are labeled as a "Rife Machine" but in reality are not. RyfeMax is a portable version of the.

Real "Rife Machine" which means it has. Additional features (itemized in my listing) than the original. What is the "external battery pack" that is not included? Is it something that is required in order to operate the machine, and if so what do I need to get as a replacement? Can any frequencies that are not preprogrammed into the machine be entered into it?

Do your services include help with using the correct frequency for a specific problem. Or what site/contact would I go to get such help? It is the same as a "power bank" that you would use to recharge a. You can create your own frequencies to be permanently stored in the machine along with all existing 3,500+ frequency sets. Finally, a resounding YES to. Unlimited ongoing support for the best use of the machine. As stated on my listing(s).

Hi I'm interested in this rife. Can you tell me if it is a newer version. Is it as strong as the home version?

I don't know what sort of Rife machine you have at home, as there are so many. On the market, some are correctly set up, but many are simply not. Newest Rife machine you can get and it is designed in harmony with the original. Setup that Dr Rife specified. This version was just updated 3 weeks ago with.

Frequency sets for both the prevention and the treatment of the ongoing crisis. Coming directly from the German scientists that have continued Dr. On top of that, it has features no other Rife machine in the world has i. E frequency sets for all known ailments pre-programmed into the machine, sweep features for colds and flu, parasites, etc, add to favourites - customise the ailments you need to run, update the machine online when new frequency sets and features come available, portability and more! It is a unique Rife machine unequaled and will always be exclusively Australian made at a price that cannot compare with the big, bulky machines. Will this machine block other frequencies from entering my body 5G +? Is there some way of blocking other frequencies other than a faraday cage? Thanks for your question and I understand your concern. Regarding the dangers of 5G frequencies, but there is no info on Rife frequencies and the conditions that are caused by 5G. If I understood it correctly, all these frequencies are modulated onto. An RF carrier, to be brought into the human body? Is that RF carrier frequency. What frequency is this, if I may ask? As we hold a copy of the original double blind studies, pier review, patient testimonials and circuit diagrams we can assure you that our machine is functionally identical (including the RF carrier wave) to the one Dr Rife used. Our machine has been re-engineered using todays electronics.

Dr Rife's machine used vacuum tubes, whereas our machine uses a microprocessor, TFT touch screen, integrated circuits and transistors. The nature and exact frequency of the RF carrier wave is proprietary information. Our listing only gives information about claims of the inventor of the original Rife machine Dr Royal Rife.

By using the RyfeMax machine, you acknowledge and accept that this is an experimental device only and should be used as such. Use of this listing is subject to the following terms and conditions:- This listing and all associated entities makes no claims, warranties or representations about the accuracy or completeness of the content of this listing. Neither this listing or any associated entities shall be liable for any direct, incidental, consequential, indirect or punitive damages arising out of access to or use of any content of this listing.

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  • Main Purpose: Aches & Pains, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Headache, Lymphatic Drainage, Pain Relief, Physical Stress, Rheumatic Treatment
  • Number of Settings: over 3,500
  • ARTG Number: /A
  • Power Source: Rechargeable Battery
  • Bundle Description: Discounts apply when buy more than 1
  • Custom Bundle: Yes
  • Material: Plastic
  • Colour: Beige
  • Brand: RyfeMax
  • Department: Unisex
  • Type: Electrotherapy
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year
  • Model: RyfeMax
  • Body Area: Body
  • Features: Adjustable, Portable
  • Country/Region of Manufacture: Australia

BRAND NEW Model Portable Electrotherapy Most Powerful TRUE Rife Frequency Device    BRAND NEW Model Portable Electrotherapy Most Powerful TRUE Rife Frequency Device